Protect Your Hair This Summer!

As one of the leading hairdressers in Haslemere, Elysium Hair know just the kind of havoc that the summer months can wreak on your poor tresses! The warmer weather is usually a time for fun, friends, and Instagram, but unfortunately your hair isn’t having as much of a good time as you! The summer heat can weaken your hair structure, the sun can cause colour to fade, humidity will made your hair frizzy and limp, and sweat from your scalp can exacerbate dandruff and split ends – nightmare! So what can you do to protect your hair from such horrible possibilities? Don’t worry, Elysium’s got you covered with the following tips to follow during your regular routine!


It may be tempting to shampoo your hair every day in the summer, but over-washing can strip your hair of its natural oils and dry out your hair even more! Use dry shampoo or conditioner washing methods to space out your shampoo usage.

When you do wash your hair, make sure to concentrate on shampooing the scalp rather than the ends, and follow up with a thorough conditioning. Hair masks and dry repair treatments are also a good idea at this time of year!


To minimise damage from heat, you’ll want to avoid straightening or curling your hair, and should try to air dry when you can, unless you’re using the cool setting on your dryer. You’ll also want to keep brushing to a minimum during hot weather, and instead use a wide tooth comb or your fingers where possible. Loose natural styles reduce stress on hair, and women of colour can use protective styles to safeguard hair from humidity and damage.

Out and About

We all know about the damage sun can do to our skin, but what about our hair and scalp? Wearing hats can help protect your hair from UV damage and keep your scalp from getting burned; a scarf is also an option if you’re worried about messing up your style! Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water (seriously, your hair will thank you) and carry around a hair spritz to give your locks an extra dose of moisture when needed – Aveda even offers one with built in UV protection! For those of you who love to hit the pool when it’s hot, remember that chlorine can take a terrible toll on your hair (especially if it’s coloured). Protect your tresses by wearing a swimming cap or applying leave-in conditioner before your swimming session (though be sure let it dry first).

Elysium Hair are proud to stock the Aveda haircare range that can help you follow the above tips to keep your hair in great condition; trust us, we’re some of the best hairdressers in Haslemere! If you’d like to find out more about what makes the Aveda haircare range so great, and maybe even try them out for yourself, then come visit our store next time you’re in the area! Or, if you’re looking for a trim, colour, or treatment, then we can book you in for an appointment instead; either use our online booking form, or give us a call on 01428 643780 and we’ll slot you in when we can!

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